Commodity Management Software

Biomass is unique in the commodities sector in its compliance landscape. Across the supply chain, sustainability is key, and all organisations need to be able to demonstrate the provenance of every product, shipment and fuel with certification and validation.

Complex logistical needs, seasonality and uncertainty regarding ongoing political investment in subsidies and infrastructure compound the challenges the sector faces. With a need to focus on logistics, traceability and audit at all stages of the supply chain, producers and traders of clean energy need a commodity management system designed to meet the sector’s challenges.

These challenges mean that now is the time for biomass businesses to review their processes and technology to create greater efficiencies whilst reducing risk. From burn forecasting and sampling to counterparty risk management, the procurement, traceability and compliance challenges facing the sector can all be turned into opportunities with the right software.

Collaborative clean energy solutions

Gen10 approach each client as a unique organisation so that our solutions give you the most flexibility and best outcomes.

Our ecosystem of process-driven apps complement your existing ETRM and finance systems,

With APIs ensuring your Gen10 apps are working with and within your processes to create new opportunities.

Apps for the biomass sector

Gen10 apps are used across the supply chain for sustainability and traceability, inventory and logistics management, contract production, and more. This app-based approach allows us to create custom solutions, from stand-alone apps to full commodity management ecosystems, without the need for additional development work and with an implementation period of 2-4 weeks.

 Your Gen10 solution could include:

  • Offline-to-online apps for sustainability and supplier audit
  • Data analysis and visualisation to help producers generate better yields and less waste
  • Sample and laboratory results processing
  • Counterparty management including onboarding and KYC
  • Traceability and sustainability certification validation
  • Contract management including pre-approved templates and automatic contract generation
  • Audit and approval workflows to improve compliance and accelerate processes
  • e-Procurement and e-Commerce
  • Logistics automation including attaching traceability documentation to logistics and shipping instructions as standard.

Gen10’s apps are used by our clients to speed up their everyday flow of work. With automatically-generated documents, email templates, reminders and notifications, operational risk is reduced and day-to-day tasks are accelerated. Proactively using the solutions to aid day-to-day activity, rather than as a repository of work that has already been done, means that position reports and other analytics are automatically generated whilst the associated workload is reduced.


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Explore how we developed a new farm sustainability audit and analysis app to streamline Intertek’s sustainability programme, improve data collection in remote producing regions and provide data analysis to a wider range of end users.

Download our whitepaper examining the challenges around managing and optimising biomass supply chains.

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