Gen10 and Intertek collaborate on Cocoa Sustainability in Africa


London, UK, 22nd February, 2017:
Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide and Gen10, a provider of cloud-based traceability and risk management solutions, are pleased to announce their new farm sustainability audit and analytics platform.

This progressive web application addresses the challenging issue of data collection and access in often remote cocoa producing regions to help streamline the survey process of Intertek’s sustainability program. End-users both up and downstream will gain access to trends, insights and benchmarks based on data collected and analysed.

Intertek will be putting several years’ historical data of farm sustainability on Generation 10’s Supply Chain Map in order to help their clients validate their responsible sourcing initiatives via the interactive platform. Modules will be rolled out in the course of the next 6 months, starting with a pilot in West Africa, where their agents will take this platform out to the farms. 


Bill Raffety, heading up Sustainability within Agriculture Services at Intertek said:
“This is a game changer for us dramatically improving how we collect, bank and share data with our clients. Efficiencies will be generated across the board and we and our clients will be able to utilize this data in a much more productive manner, which ultimately will accrue to the bottom line. Report generation, trend analysis and other value added data mining activities will be carried out in a fraction of the time it presently takes our teams, greatly expanding our capabilities.”

Richard Williamson, CEO of Gen10 said:
“Upstream and downstream data flow remain one of the biggest barriers to progress in the cocoa supply chain. Cracking this issue catalyses a bunch of other initiatives and opportunities. It's our job to make it as easy and useful as technology will allow. We are excited to play our part.” 


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