From sustainability to pricing strategies, Gen10 apps are used across the cocoa value chain to improve business processes, one app at a time.

Whether you need to audit remote producers, accelerate procurement processes or use data to create more value from every trade, Gen10 technology can help.

Our apps are developed in collaboration with industry experts to solve the specific challenges at each stage of the cocoa value chain, integrating with each other to create a complete commodity management solution or connecting to your technology ecosystem to drive ongoing incremental improvements.

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Valuations with precision

The demands of managing multiple cocoa commodity products, often across different exchanges and currencies can add complexity to cocoa trading, increasing the risk of errors and omissions. Gen10’s technology is driven by powerful Workflow and Pricing Engines that automate conversion between valuation methods, through standard conversions between wet and dry weights or using sampling data to calculate payables based on the actual nib yield.

The automation engines allow you to generate invoices and shipping documents without any manual conversion and create real-time P&L reports, even when converting between products and currencies.


Logistics made simple

Easily combine or split large volumes for faster contract creation and better position visibility. Gen10 technology allows you to convert between bags and containers seamlessly, creating documents in your preferred format.

Create shipments from multiple lots or contracts, with controls and checks to ensure that contract weights reconcile. P&L is available as soon as sales and purchase contracts are matched, and automatically handles different packaging options for complete position data.

Sustainability, traceability and auditAudit laptop phone

The majority of the world’s cocoa producers live far from major population centres and internet access, meaning sustainability audits are a particular challenge for the cocoa industry. This is why Gen10 have collaborated with Intertek to develop Aud.ITTM, a survey app for remote producing regions.

The app allows field agents to gather sustainability data offline, add evidence and GPS data, and upload the results when they have internet connection. Once uploaded, the data is instantly available throughout your organisation so that sustainability issues can be addressed as soon as they arise.

Integrate Aud.ITTM with your other Gen10 apps for unrivalled traceability, accountability and cost/quality controls.

Certification as Standard

Manage certification across your supply chain with Gen10’s in-depth logistics features. Track certifications across contracts, ensure no shipments are processed without your mandatory documents attached and set renewal notifications for certificates with expiry dates.

dealcaptureQuick deal capture

With apps for fast deal capture and online offer/bid / target price monitoring, connect with suppliers and customers to communicate price levels for multiple grades, locations and forward months.

Integrate your fast deal capture technology with Gen10’s Contract.Manager app for seamless progression from deal capture to contract automation, or connect to other ERP systems.

Profitability, cost management and position visibility

Real-time position visibility allows you to make quicker, better-informed decisions and create better value from every transaction.

Dashboards and reports provide instant insight into your global open net position, Mark-to-Market, P&L and hedging of commodity and currency, all updated as soon as you take action.

Compare actual costs and P&L against estimates and highlight bottlenecks in your organisation. Improve trade estimates, forward curve analysis and cash flows in multiple currencies.

Improve asset turnover

Automatically generate documents, email orders directly from within the system and set team reminders for important deadlines. Automate contract progression and invoicing with our powerful Pricing and Workflow Engines. Streamline operations to improve asset turnover and make your credit lines work harder for you.

Faster implementation

Each Gen10 app can be implemented individually and integrate with your existing software ecosystem for a faster, less disruptive implementation. Select a pre-defined template for your business processes and be up and running in weeks; as long as it takes to migrate your data and train your team. The cloud-based apps also offer world-class security, performance and scalability at a fraction of the cost of maintaining on-premise solutions.

“We chose Gen10's Commodity Manager as the best solution for our commodity business. We take advantage of the task management, workflow, and clean, customizable user interfaces in order to optimize our position and supply chain management.

We are very impressed with the flexibility and scalability of the system as well as with the knowledgeable and helpful team.”

Mercedites DePuy, Controller and Project Manager RCMA Americas

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