From growers to roasters, Gen10’s commodity management apps are designed to solve problems across the coffee value chain.

The range of origins and complex, intertwining supply chains within the coffee commodity industry mean that CTRM solutions for coffee need to be flexible and customisable to your unique processes.

At Gen10, we take a different approach to commodity management technology, using powerful workflow and pricing engines to adapt your solution to your business, without the need for development or coding.

And our app-based approach means that each Gen10 solution integrates with your existing technology ecosystem, with in-built extensibility that allows you to grow and develop your technology.

Sourcing and traceabilityAudit laptop phone

Perform sustainability and financial audits against your own KPIs with the mobile and web-based Aud.ITTM app. With offline functionality for surveying remote regions and supplier self-assessment options, due diligence is faster and more accurate.

Aud.IT seamlessly integrates with other Gen10 apps to provide unrivalled traceability, accountability and cost/quality controls with faster counterparty onboarding.

Certification as standard

All Gen10 commodity management apps are designed around the complex logistics of coffee trading, with certification tracking and renewal notifications across the supply chain, even when blending or splitting stock.

dealcaptureFast deal capture

With apps for fast deal capture and online offer/bid / target price monitoring, connect with suppliers and customers to communicate price levels for multiple grades, locations and forward months.

Integrate your fast deal capture technology with Gen10’s Contract.Manager app for seamless progression from deal capture to contract automation, or connect to other ERP systems.

Contract Management

Create flexible contracts from standardised pre-approved templates, bringing together Legal, Finance, CSR and commercial teams. The automated processing workflow allows you to progress contracts through digital approvals, credit checks and controls through to signature. Monitor contract progression through front- and back-office teams and use the custom dashboards for real-time P&L, counterparty credit risk and more.

commodity manager desktop phone-01Manage exposure to increase profitability

Real-time reporting and dashboards allow you to make quicker, more informed decisions and realise maximum value from every transaction.

Improve optionality through complete position visibility, including your global open net position, P&L and hedging of commodity and currency, all updated in real time as soon as you take action. Position reconciliation becomes faster and more accurate as your team benefits from real-time position updates.

Compare actual costs and P&L against estimates and highlight bottlenecks in your organisation. Improve trade estimates, forward curve analysis and cash flows in multiple currencies.

Valuations, pricing and invoicing

Manage cupping and quality assurance within your commodity management app, including automatically sending samples for cupping. The automated pricing engine allows you to set premiums and discounts based on the grade of each lot, as well as locations and forward months to help you realise maximum value from each trade.

Manage bulk and speciality lots with multiple schedules within one contract, whilst the pricing engine automatically updates invoices based on each variable. Data flows seamlessly between apps to reduce the risk of errors associated with manual retyping and provide full visibility of each contract’s progress.

Better logistics

Use the in-built calendar and notifications to progress all deals from front- to back-office teams and gain completely progress visibility. Automated document creation reduces the risk of errors in creating requests for release and shipping documents and allows you to email documents to banks, warehouses and partners from within the system. The shipment workflow automatically processes shipments and includes real-time shipment analysis so that you can uncover inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your operations. logistics-1

Speciality coffee

Manage micro-lots over multiple schedules on one order and ensure each item has the certification it needs with Gen10’s advanced traceability functionality. Use the sampling, cupping and QA tools on lots or micro-lots and even control market exposure on your micro-lots with the detailed hedging controls.

Faster implementation

Gen10’s collaborative commodity management provides a faster, less disruptive implementation as our apps are designed to integrate with your existing software ecosystem. Apps can go live in as little as 2-4 weeks; RCMA Coffee implemented Commodity Manager in just 3 weeks, including data migration, training and integration with the corporate ERP system.

“We chose Gen10's Commodity Manager as the best solution for our commodity business. We take advantage of the task management, workflow, and clean, customizable user interfaces in order to optimize our position and supply chain management.

We are very impressed with the flexibility and scalability of the system as well as with the knowledgeable and helpful team.”

Mercedites DePuy, Controller and Project Manager RCMA Americas

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