Gen10 helps some of the world’s leading cotton traders improve their operations, inventories and market exposure - one app at a time.

Across the cotton supply chain, Gen10 apps are designed to solve the specific problems your business is facing, with the controls you need to protect against operational and market risk.

Building on our CEO and Founder’s history as a cotton trader, and Gen10’s 20 years of experience in delivering technology to the cotton supply chain, Gen10 apps provide the flexibility and extensibility your team needs to work better together.

Logistics management down to the bale

Take advantage of Gen10’s logistics automation and cotton commodity management features. Manage your contracts in the weights and packaging materials that matter to you and your trading partners. Gen10 technology automatically converts between multi-size bales and weight measurements as you progress each trade, for complete position reconciliation, pricing and invoicing, even when working in different metrics at each stage.

Large contracts can be split into smaller components, down to the individual bale, and managed separately, with multiple shipments attached to one contract. Inspect each bale individually or as a shipment and automate pricing premiums and discounts based on your quality grades.logistics-1

Inspections and sampling

Build sampling into your automated workflows and add inspections at the right stages for you. Maintain a clear audit trail of inspections for every bale or unit of stock against your quality metrics including moisture content, landed weight, gin and strength.

Maintain comprehensive records for every contract and check at a glance whether all inspections are in order. Automatically update shipment details and system-generated documents based on inspections without changing your original contract.

Automated pricing and invoicing

Reduce the risk of errors and omissions from repeated data entry. Gen10’s powerful Pricing Engine uses the principles of Robotic Process Automation to accelerate pricing, approval and invoicing processes, including document generation, so that you can get paid quicker.

Add premiums and discounts based on a wide range of attributes and units, including location, crop year, staple and colour grade. Automated pricing and invoice creation applies these premiums and discounts in real-time as you change forward months, contract terms and other variables for quick and easy What-If analysis. Once contracts are assigned, create shipping and invoice documents without any manual conversion and instantly view your P&L report.

Position visibility for profitabilitycommodity manager desktop phone-01

Real-time position visibility allows you to make quicker, better-informed decisions and ensure your credit lines are working for you.

Create your own dashboards to monitor your key metrics, including counterparty risk, shipment workflows, and volumes by staple or quality. Gain instant insight into your global open net position, Mark-to-Market, P&L and hedging, all updated whenever you take action. Highlight bottlenecks in your organisation and compare actual costs and P&L against estimates.

Improve asset turnover

Automatically generate documents, email orders directly from within the system and set team reminders for important deadlines. Automate contract progression and invoicing with our powerful Pricing and Workflow Engines. Streamline operations to improve asset turnover and make your credit lines work harder for you.

Audit laptop phoneSustainability and traceability

From supplier surveying and onboarding to managing certification across complex transactions, Gen10 technology provides simple traceability for sustainability across your supply chain. Certificate management allows you to track certificates across contracts, ensure all mandatory documents are attached before shipments are processed and set renewal notifications before certificates expire.

Faster implementation

Transform your business processes one app at a time. Each Gen10 app can be individually integrated with your existing software ecosystem for a faster, less disruptive implementation. Select a pre-defined template for your business processes and be up and running in the time it takes to migrate your data and train your team; as little as 2-4 weeks.

As well as a faster implementation, the cloud-based apps offer world-class security, performance and scalability at a fraction of the costs of maintaining on-premise solutions.

“We chose Gen10's Commodity Manager as the best solution for our commodity business. We take advantage of the task management, workflow, and clean, customizable user interfaces in order to optimize our position and supply chain management.

We are very impressed with the flexibility and scalability of the system as well as with the knowledgeable and helpful team.”

Mercedites DePuy, Controller and Project Manager RCMA Americas

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