Whether it’s managing costs, improving operational efficiency or reducing risk, the challenges all commodities businesses face are ever-increasing.

With many businesses facing reduced margins and tighter regulation, improving data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency is a strategy that can help create new opportunities and increase trade volumes. Reducing errors and creating more efficient processes also leads to a better service for customers and a stronger point of differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

The rapid rate of change is in many ways driven by digital innovation, and the agility to respond to new challenges is a key motivator for businesses embarking on their own digital transformation projects. To turn these challenges into opportunities, CTRM and other software needs to facilitate an agile approach, enabling you to manage more data, more risk and a faster pace of change.

A Collaborative Commodity Software Ecosystem

At Gen10, we take a different approach to solving problems. We use a wide range of flexible, process-driven connected apps to complement your existing software ecosystem. Integrations with finance and other systems ensure your Gen10 solution is working with your existing processes to create efficiency and reduce manual processing. These connected apps mean a rapid roll-out, solutions mapped to your business processes and the agility to adapt and grow when new opportunities arise.

Develop collaborative processes that improve the flow of information between trading, finance and operations teams, providing real-time access to data and automating many of the manual processes that can lead to errors and omissions. Accelerate communication with external agencies including banks, insurance providers, shipping and inspection companies, and integrate with your existing software.

With advanced logistics functionality, Gen10’s solutions focus on the day-to-day operations of our clients. Our app-based approach means each solution is designed to solve the specific challenges facing organisations at each stage of the supply chain. And our apps have been developed in collaboration with the industries we work with to ensure that every app has the features and flexibility to deliver exactly what you need.

What makes Gen10 different?

  • We deliver an ecosystem of apps and APIs that works with your existing technology, including integrating with general ledger and ERP systems.
  • Our workflow engine allows us to create a flexible CTRM solution tailored to support the way you do business without the need for additional coding or development.
  • Our pricing engine enables you capture premiums and handle complex deals whilst automating the entire invoicing process.
  • We allow you to automate more of your operational processes and manage operational risk better than ever before.


Gen10 solutions help you control your risk and maximise your profit. Manage your supply chain and the flow of data within your organisation to create efficiencies and reduce the risk of errors and omissions.

"Such an objective, knowledgeable team. Having myself been involved in several CTRM projects in the past, the value of this cannot be underestimated – a real time-saver!”

What makes you different?

Every organisation needs something different from their CTRM platform, and we're confident we can supply it. For an information pack specific to your commodity and needs, simply fill in the form below.

Work Better. Together.

Whatever your Industry

Gen10’s collaborative commodity management solutions use a unique ecosystem of apps and a powerful workflow engine to create a CTRM solution that works for your business. We work with traders and experts from a range of commodities to ensure our solutions meet the real needs of our clients. Explore some examples of the solutions we have created:

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