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The energy commodities sector is facing a range of challenges, from public demand for lower-emission energy to the changing geography of future fuel demand. Legislation including IMO 2020 is placing new demands on organisations across the energy supply chain and volatility is ever-increasing. Risk management, process efficiency, supply chain optimisation and business transparency are key challenges that businesses need to address through their ETRM.

The complexity within the sector means that every commodity and every stage of the supply chain faces its own unique challenges, and every organisation has its own business processes and objectives. Gen10 have a proven track record of creating flexible technology that is quick to deploy with no additional development yet tailored to our clients’ specific needs, which is why our solutions are used to manage risk and improve efficiency at all stages of the supply chain. Our focus on facilitating operational excellence means customers experience a step change in efficiency and effectiveness across all enterprise functions, with commensurate improvements in profitability and growth.

Using an ecosystem of apps that integrate via API with your existing systems, build a custom solution that allows your business to work better, together.

What we do

For Producers

Guarantee traceability through built-in certification and traceability features within the ETRM and Apps that ensure the efficiency and accuracy of site audits.

Drive efficiency across sales contracts, demurrage, storage and inspections, and reduce the risk of errors and omissions across operations.

Gen10 solutions include data visualisation tools to help you optimise performance and integrations including assisting conformance with the OFAC sanctions list to help make compliance simple.

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For Refiners

Gen10 solutions for refiners include supply and distribution planning, and tools to identify gaps between the plan and the actual results.

Using the principles of Robotic Process Automation, Gen10’s ETRM solution integrates operations and contract management, leading to operational efficiency, accuracy and cost-savings.

For Distributors

Solutions include production, inventory and shipping management tools to optimise the supply and distribution of products, and cost matrix and financing tools including automated invoicing, budget analysis and real-time reconciling.

Gen10’s ecosystem infrastructure allows for integrations with your ERP system, and our data visualisation app provides clients with new insights into their business.

Trade Counter tablet perspective-1

logistics2 reflect-01For Traders and Intermediaries

Gen10 solutions are used by traders globally to improve integration between trading, operations and finance teams, reducing the risk of errors and omissions and improving efficiency.

Apps and tools we frequently implement for traders include contract management, cost matrix and risk management including P& L, mark to market and futures & options hedging. You can also run scenarios that affect your P& L and forecast demand by location and time to take advantage of new opportunities.

“Generation 10 has created a contract management system that brings together the various operations needed to fully integrate and control our trading business. The experienced and professional team has supported us for over 12 years now. This system has allowed us to do a larger volume of business with lower cost while maintaining our high level of customer service.”

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