From mining and production to distribution, Gen10 apps support the fertilizer industry at every stage of the value chain.

The close relationship between fertilizer and other commodity prices, the increasing importance of CO2 traceability and tighter profit margins mean that gathering better data and deriving more insights from it is becoming essential across the supply chain.

The challenges the industry faces require a different response from producers, manufacturers, traders and buyers. This is why Gen10 solutions take an app-based approach. We develop our apps to solve the specific problems at each stage of the value chain. And our powerful workflow engines mean each app is custom-fit to your existing processes, without the need for any coding or development.

Advanced logistics management and collaborative automation between apps make a Gen10 solution more than a CTRM, allowing your team to work better, together.

Traceability and Know Your CounterpartyAudit laptop phone

Perform sustainability and financial audits against your own KPIs across your supply chain with the mobile and web-based Aud.ITTM app. Seamlessly integrate with Gen10 contract management or CTRM apps, or share data with an external system, for faster onboarding and KYC auditing.

Advanced logistics functionality allows you to automatically track each shipment from purchase to sale, even when splitting and combining stock. Upload certificates for a clear audit trail, limit processing actions where mandatory documents are missing and manage certificate expiry dates with notifications and reminders.

dealcaptureFaster Deal Capture

Use Gen10’s Trade.Counter on a mobile or desktop device to quickly capture pricing across your organisation. Standardise high-volume transactions and make complex trades simple.

Connect with buyers or suppliers in your own offer/bid management platform or improve internal communication about activity and target price levels. Integrate with contract management technology for a full audit history and faster contract creation.

Streamlined Logisticslogistics2 reflect-1

Use templates to generate shipping and other documents within the app using data from the contract and shipping schedule. Automate processing and email documents directly from the system to external partners.

Keep track of deadlines with the in-built calendar and task manager and view the progress of each contract or shipment at-a-glance. The collaborative nature of Gen10 technology means that all functions can be notified when there is a change to any logistical information.

Improve Asset Turnover, Cost Management and Profitabilitycommodity manager inventory mobile-01

Complete, real-time position visibility helps you control and maximise profit margins and improve asset turnover. Run PnL instantly, compare Actual costs and PnL against estimates and improve trade estimates in multiple currencies.

Improve asset turnover through better planning data and automated processes. Automate invoicing from valuation through to approvals and issuing invoices; reducing the manual workload, creating better audit trails and reducing the risk of errors.

Reporting and Compliance

Gen10 apps speed up the flow of work whilst reporting takes care of itself. As well as the in-system reports to help you make data-driven decisions whenever you need information, audit and compliance are improved through the secure sharing of data. Reduce the time spent on even complicated reports with integrated data flows, powerful reporting functionality and APIs that connect to your own reporting software.

A Smoother Implementation

Each app is designed to integrate with your existing software and processes, meaning implementation can be gradual and less disruptive. Select a pre-defined template for your processes and go live in as little as 2 to 4 weeks – as long as it takes to migrate your data and train your team. With our leading cloud-based technology, benefit from world-class security and performance as well as a solution that can be used and scaled with greater flexibility.

"The Gen10 team is a pleasant team to work with. The staff is friendly and cooperative and willing to think with the customer. The system itself has great logistical tools which enables the user to closely follow the shipments and to monitor the transport with the help of tasks & deadlines which can been seen in a personalized calendar...  There are many ways to personalize the system which is great.
Overall a very good system especially on the logistics functions, a good support team to work with."

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