More than a CTRM

Designed with the metals industry

Whether you trade concentrates and need a platform that can make the complex simple, or refined metals where speed and logistical efficiency are key, Gen10’s solutions have the flexibility to deliver.

Our unique combination of workflow and pricing engines help you streamline deal capture, automate valuations and invoicing while helping you run your day-to-day operations with process-driven accuracy.

And with advanced operations and supply chain management functionality, our solutions can be implemented across the supply chain, from mining to finished product.

What makes our solutions more than a CTRM is the advanced traceability and cross-supply chain logistics management functionality derived from nearly 20 years of working with some of the leading merchants, insurance companies and inspection service providers.

What we do

For the industry

Our solutions have the flexibility to support organisations across the metals industry in reducing risk, controlling costs and improving efficiency.

Whether you need stronger trade finance links with your banks, your own digital supplier/customer portal to manage offers, bids and deals, something to help manage your samples and assay results or audit tools for production sites, Gen10 have a solution to help. 

Gen10’s modular and app-focussed approach to commodity management means that you can get started right away at low cost and little disruption. You don't necessarily need to rip out your old system all in one go. Our ecosystem of connected apps and APIs are designed to complement and extend your existing digital infrastructure. You can get started on improving data flows and collaboration one app at a time.

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Trade Counter tablet

For refined metals

Utilise your credit lines more effectively and process higher volumes of contracts through faster trades and execution, with features including pre-filling contracts, shipping instructions and automated invoicing.

Use workflow-based process automation to generate documents and reminders within controlled risk limits and parameters.

Manage release approvals with Trade Finance and issue shipping instructions.

Real-time reporting, credit checks and position reconciliations based on real-time activity in your organisation.

For concentrates

The complexities and optionalities within the concentrates business including assay management, escalators, deductions, payment formulae, delivery options and many others, can all lead to a high risk of operational, pricing and valuation errors.

Manage these parameters within the system and automate information-sharing, tasks and deadlines. Use accurate inventory data and visualisation tools for forward planning and analyse mark-to-market cash and forward positions in real-time as markets fluctuate.

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Working with you

Gen10 work with our clients to ensure our workflow-based apps deliver the functionality they need to succeed, and our solutions have the flexibility to work with and improve on your existing processes.

As we did with Concord Resources Limited, we work closely with you as your technology partner to integrate your operations, trading, risk and finance functions and unlock the cost-saving advantages of streamlined collaborative processes, the peace-of-mind controls that help you scale quicker and the much richer dataset it produces to help drive profitable decisions.

Find out more

Get in touch today to discuss your specific challenges and how we can help you meet them:

"We wanted to work with a partner that understood the commodities business, so that we could talk in business terms about what we needed and didn’t have to allocate additional people on our side to translate our requirements. We have been very impressed with the knowledge of the whole Gen10 team and the speed at which they understood our requirements and what we needed...
The key items that stood out was the workflow engine, the calendar functionality that shows clearly what step in the booking, operations and finance process are outstanding and the automatic generation of invoicing. This is in addition to its core CTRM functionality which is also very rich." 
- Barry Gould, CTO, Concord Resources Limited