Gen10 is helping some of the world's leading polymer merchants manage their operations, inventories and market exposure. 

Whether you are running plantations, trading or processing further down the value chain, Gen10 has a number of apps that can help you run your business more efficiently and with the controls you need to protect against operational and market risks.
From contract management to logistics and processing, our workflow engine and inventory management helps your team work better together while the reporting takes care of itself - in real-time. Get full visibility on your business from the Control Centre Dashboard and drill down to the details from there.
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Wet, Dry, Total Solids

Valuations with precision

With Gen10 you can manage your natural rubber and synthetic latex on the same platform, keeping track of origin, grade, and in the case of liquids, value automatically and with precision according to wet, dry and total solid content with premiums and discounts for quality and delivery terms. Customer templates help with client preferences, payment terms and special documentary requirements. Whether it's the number of pallets, bales or tank/blend levels of LA/HA product, our intelligent matching feature, Allocator, helps you manage your inventories and open commitments easily and accurately. 

Risk.Engine reflected-01Profitability and Cost Management

Keep a tighter control of transactional profit margins. Run P&L instantly and highlight bottlenecks in your operations. Improve trade estimates and cash flows in multiple currencies. Compare Actual costs and P&L against estimates. Keep tighter records of costs and streamline the invoicing procedure with our Cost Matrix and Pricing engine. 

Improve Asset Turnover

Make your credit lines work harder for you

Gen10's software solutions are highly focussed on getting our clients paid quicker - from planning through to getting clean documents to the bank for prompt payment. Automate the entire invoicing process from valuation, through approvals to issuing invoices and other paperwork with our powerful Pricing Engine, Workflow Engine and Document Generator.

Automated paperwork and notifications

Shipping document templates help your team do their work quicker and with a high degree of accuracy. Email orders directly from the system with our predefined templates and set reminders for important deadlines with our calendar and task manager. You can keep track of all correspondence in a single access-controlled that helps the day-to-day collaboration and year-end audits equally.

Sustainability and Traceability

Map your supply chain, perform sustainability and financial audits and measure performance against KPIs that you can define with our mobile app and web-based platform, Aud.IT™. Seamless integration with our Contract Manager and Inventory Manager modules provides unrivalled traceability, accountability and cost/quality controls.

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Be up and running in 2-4 weeks

Select one of our pre-defined templates for your business processes and be up and running in as long as it takes to migrate your existing data and train your employees. 

Embrace the power and economies of the Cloud

With our leading cloud technology and Amazon's $5bn global infrastructure, we can deliver world-class security, performance and scalability at a fraction of the cost of maintaining on-premise solutions.

"The Gen10 team is a pleasant team to work with. The staff is friendly and cooperative and willing to think with the customer. The system itself has great logistical tools which enables the user to closely follow the shipments and to monitor the transport with the help of tasks & deadlines which can been seen in a personalized calendar...  There are many ways to personalize the system which is great.
Overall a very good system especially on the logistics functions, a good support team to work with."
                - Corine Hoedeman, Head of Logistics, Wurfbain Polymer BV

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